How to Find Inspiration

house inspirationDesigning a new room, or even an entire space, can be difficult, which is why inspiration is necessary to determine a vision and direction for any interior space. Inspiration can come from anything you find beautiful or meaningful, whether it is the outdoors, a painting, or a texture like velvet. We put together a few strategies to find your inspiration and begin the journey of designing your dream space:

  1. Start with what you love. Do you love hiking, the beach, the smooth feel of velvet, the rich nature of red hues? Start here and run wild. Your home doesn’t have to look like a forest because you decide you love hiking, but perhaps incorporate greenery, rich woods, and neutral colors. If you like velvet, find complement textures like smooth shiny metals and pale pinks for a feminine, romantic feel.
  2. Pinterest is a great place to get lost in ideas of others. Also any household magazines will have plenty inspiration.
  3. If you have an item you love, such as a pillow, rug, or throw, you can select items with corresponding colors, textures and pieces. One piece can build a room.
  4. Thinking about practicality is another great way to begin. If you have dogs and they are central to your family, your mudroom entrance could be inspired by them with hooks for leashes and keys, an outdoor mat featuring your favorite breed, and paintings of your dogs. If you love coffee, make a coffee bar and include a metal sign that resembles the aesthetic of your favorite coffee shop. Notice what you love, both hobbies and passions.

Wedding Registry Furniture Ideas

furniture registryWedding season is almost upon us, which means all the brides and grooms to-be’s are planning their registry. Though many people think of china, silverware, and pots for their registry, nowadays, the modern registry is personalized to each couple’s individual needs. If you need furniture, help paying for the honeymoon, or any fun activities, these items can still be included. We have a few furniture ideas that many couples may need as they combine spaces:

  1. New bedroom suite: This is a space that should reflect both of you. It is also a good time to buy new sheets, comforters, and pillows.
  2. Dining room table: A tiny two person table may be great for the two of you, but if you ever want to have dinner guests, a larger table is necessary. Some tables can even expand if you don’t want a larger table taking up space.
  3. Bar cart: Bar cart’s are fun accessories and something you can both enjoy. Whiskey glasses and wine glasses are great adornments, along with your favorite books, cocktail mixes, and pictures.
  4. New TV/Entertainment center: Football always looks better on a larger TV, so you might as well go ahead and register for your dream TV and entertainment center to support this new TV upgrade.
  5. Any missing pieces: This is honestly a great time to ask for any missing pieces. Have you always wanted a bookshelf? Do you hate your side tables? You can register for these items, or register for cash to help purchase these items. Guests want to help new couple’s complete their life together, so you might as well ask for what you truly want and need.

Coffee Table Considerations

coffee tableCoffee tables are a central element to most living rooms, but they also serve a functional purpose, especially considering the culture of your household. Below we have outlined a few common issues for people purchasing coffee tables and listed our favorite remedies.

Situation 1: If your household frequently eats while watching movies or playing games, it should be made of wood or glass and outfitted with coasters to protect it.

Situation 2: If you have a casual household where feet are up on the coffee table and arms in the air when your favorite team scores, you’ll also need to ensure it is easy to clean, durable, and preferably not

Situation 3: If you have a wooden entertainment center or other key elements, your coffee table can serve as a focal, complementary piece. Glass, a different color wood, or metal could offer a nice contrast.

Situation 4: If you have a larger family, utilize your coffee table for additional storage! There are many gorgeous pieces that can still be functional.

TV Stand Style

TV stands are a necessary, functional element for everyone’s living room, therefore, you might as well make them visually appealing. Considering all the time spend staring at the TV and how large they typically are, they tend to be a focal point for most entertaining spaces. There are multiple ways to style and personalize a TV cabinet/media stand to make it blend in with your space. From open stands with plenty of spaces for books and pictures, to closed cabinets or drawers, there are countless opportunities to utilize and beautify TV stands. Below are some of our favorite looks:

media stand








fireplace tv stand






tv stand








tv center







Media Stand













Fall Home Colors

Though it doesn’t feel it, summer has concluded and the season of pumpkin everything is (almost) here. Therefore, the bright summer hues and beachy decor must be replaced with deep, rich hues and fall decor. Don’t worry though, there are a few easy fixes to make your home embody the season without buying new furniture.

1. Plum, burnt orange, peacock blue or brown pillows instantly make the place feel warm.

2. Console fireplaces also make a home feel cozy, and best of all, they can be put away during the summer months to render additional space.

3. Pumpkins, gords and candles make great centerpieces for the season.

4. Big cozy lounge chairs filled with throws and pillows are perfect for enjoying football games.

5. Bookshelves add a great decorative element and can show off family pieces. They also make great decorative elements and are another fun space to adorn with seasonal flares.


Studio Apartment Furniture Necessities

studio apartment furnitureStudio apartments do not provide very much space, making every piece of furniture needing a purpose . There are a few stylistic ways to arrange and select your furniture to make the space appear larger, more functional, and still looking amazing. Below we have outlined our favorite ideas for studio apartments, or any confined space:

1. A metal bed with clean lines makes the space feel more airy than a wooden bed.

2. A couch with an ottoman provides additional seating, as the ottoman allows for storage and can be used as a seat.

3. Use a tall dresser instead of an elongated one since the height will add dimension and draw your eyes up.

4. A square kitchen table fits nicely into corners and takes up less space than a circle one.


Mattress Selection Tips

fabric bedSelecting the correct mattress for your sleep needs is very important, as this is a major purchase and a good mattress lasts on average 7-10 years. Therefore, make sure you choose one that you like! Below are a few steps to ensure you find the best mattress for your needs.

1. Before you start looking at mattresses, determine your budget and personal needs. Do you want a certain size? Do you need a bed that adjusts or moves? Have  you woken up with aches and pains from your previous mattress? Think about the most comfortable mattress you have ever slept on, whether at a hotel or friends house, and recall what made the mattress so comfortable.

2.  Try out the mattress! You may feel silly, but remember this is an purchase. You don’t want to get home and realize you hate the mattress. Make sure to get in the position you normally sleep in so you can determine if it is truly comfortable for you. Sitting on the end is a lot different from lying down.

3.  Evaluate each mattresses comfort level with your partner so you can make sure you are both on the same page.

Remember, mattresses will lose a degree of firmness overtime. Therefore, sometimes buying a mattress topper and firmer mattress can ensure your satisfaction longer.


Living Room Surfaces

modern-end-table-el-paso-household-furnitureLiving rooms are an entertainment space where family and friends gather to watch TV, play games or merely enjoy each other’s company. Because they are such meeting spaces, they need ample space to place snacks, drinks and stretch out. The following living room furniture pieces will help your home be more comfortable for guests, and avoid having to use the floor.

1. End tables: End tables can be decorative as well as useful. They should be placed at the end of couches and next to other chairs as a place to set drinks, food and decorative elements.

2. Coffee tables: Not only do coffee tables serve as a place for drinks. Since they are larger, you can set games out on them, use as a foot rest (depending on household rules), and set snacks out for all to enjoy.

3. Ottoman: An ottoman is generally more of a foot rest that can occasionally have storage inside. They can also be turned into a game table, but should not be a place for drinks since they are not flat, hard surfaces.

Children’s Bedroom Creative Storage

Do you have young children that share a room? These rooms can feel cramped if space is not properly utilized. Not to mention, children tend to want their own space as they get older. Here are some ways to save on space and maximize storage and usability.
Bunk beds:
bunk bed
Built in shelving:
drawer bed
Chair storage:
chair storage

Furniture for Large Families

Larger families have more: more stuff, people and needs. Therefore, they require more storage capacity and seating. We have compiled a list of furniture pieces that are essential for larger families or those who host frequent guests. Furniture that provides additional space and/or has dual purposes is ideal. Every piece should be functional, not just aesthetic. These furniture pieces will make your life so much easier:

1. L shaped sofa for additional seating


2. Ottoman for comfort and storage


3. Entertainment center with drawers

entertainment center

4. Farmhouse table with bench for more seating

farmhouse table