Foyer Fun

200dbb8a63405c62a276a14a53a71bdd--rustic-wood-furniture-recycled-furnitureYour foyer is the first space guests see as they enter your home, so make sure the ambiance is established from the beginning. Whether your home is rustic, formal, or modern, there are a few necessities every foyer needs. As the holiday season of entertaining continues, make sure you set the tone for your home and have all the items to make your home be functional and stylish.

  1. Coat hooks: If you don’t have a coat closet, this is a necessity, especially in the winter. People will need a coat hook or rack to put their coats.
  2. Bench: Benches come in a variety of fun styles, but they can also be a place for guests to sit as they put on their shoes and ready for their departure.
  3. Sideboard table: Sideboard tables are thin enough that they don’t take up much space, but they are a great place to put a little tray to house your keys, sunglasses, and any other items!
  4. Shoe rack: If you like shoes to be taken off at the door, you could have a shoe rack to place the shoes at the front door.
  5. Mirror: Take one last glance as you walk out the door!

Home for the Holidays

thanksgiving furnitureIt’s almost that time when homes are filled with food, family, and festivities. Though this may be the most joyous time of the year, it is also the most hectic and cramped. Make sure you’re ready for the holidays with these furniture pieces!

  1. An extendable dining room table: Add a leaf to your everyday dining room table to accommodate those additional guests.
  2. Bar chairs: If you still have overflow, add bar seats to your kitchen bar. This also makes a great kids table.
  3. L-shape couch: L shape couches allow for stretching during football games, but it also allows for more seating when you have additional guests.
  4. Ottoman: Ottomans are another item that provide function during most of the year, but can also serve as a seat during this busy time period.
  5. Trundle beds: Housing all of your family and friends is a lot, so some rooms may need to be double booked. The easiest way to do this is with a trundle bed. It’s perfect for a child’s room.

Dining Room Essentials

dining roomDining rooms can be used for casual daily dinners, but also large family gatherings and entertaining. Therefore, more than a simple table is necessary to truly utilize this space. Below, we give a few recommendations on which pieces will complete the dining room of your dreams while still being functional.

  1. An adjustable table: Many tables have leafs that can allow for extra seating when the time arises, but is also a reasonable size table for every day life.
  2. Buffet: You can display the evening’s meal on the buffet for easy serving. You can also  use this place for additional storage. They also come in many styles and can add a decorative element to the room.
  3. China cabinet: This is the perfect place to display and store your china or serve ware that isn’t used everyday.
  4. Decor: Now for the fun personalizing! Add pictures, table linens, center pieces- whatever is necessary to make the room feel like home.

Fall Updates

fall home decorAs Labor Day weekend passes, fall (unofficially) begins. This is a great time to start transforming your house into the cozy, warm atmosphere fall beckons. With a few  updates, you can take your existing furniture pieces and create a whole new feel. If you do not have any of these items, now is a great time to invest in classic transitional pieces.

  1. Living Room: Bulky throws, seasonal wreaths, and switching out pillows can instantly transform the space.
  2. Dining Room Table Decor: Fall doesn’t mean your house has to turn orange. White pumpkins, gourds, or seasonal wording can instantly transform a space and smoothly fit into your home’s decor.
  3. Entryway: Add a few pumpkins, seasonal flowers, or switch out your current door mat to instantly make your home more representative of the new season.
  4. Kitchen: This is the easiest of all: change dish towels. That’s it! The rest of your house doesn’t need to transform based on the season, but these easy steps will make your home feel warm and inviting to guests for the upcoming holidays.



Investment Pieces

investment diningFurniture tends to stay in our homes for years at a time, but some pieces remain in households for longer than others and thus should be chosen wisely. These investment pieces may even be passed onto future generations, so why not buy what you truly want and know they will last you for years to come? Below, we detail the pieces we believe are most worthy of your investment:

  1. Dining Room Table: A nice, wooden dining room table can stand the test of time. Its style can easily be changed with decor, or even by recovering the fabric on the seats. We recommend a table that can seat eight or a table that has a leaf so it can be adjusted for larger gatherings.
  2. Leather Couch: Leather couches may not be an heirloom piece, but they can endure the wear and tear of everyday life with children and pets. If purchased in a neutral hue, they can easily change styles with pillows and throws. The clean up alone will make this a worthwhile investment.
  3. Beds: The mattress may only last 8 years, but your bed can last you much longer. Pillows, quilts, and even nightstands can easily switch up the style. If you buy a fabric headboard, it can even be recovered as your style evolves!

Transitional Colors and Pieces

It may be July, but all of the fall merchandise is already being displayed. There are a few easy ways to take your summer pieces into fall and all the year round.  With a few decor updates, your furniture can be seasonal, fresh, and appropriate!

A. Wooden dining room tables are amazing investments! Their neutrality, timelessness, and beauty is unmatched. The best part is, all you have to do is change the centerpiece to make it perfect for every season! We love candles and flowers for the spring/summer, trading out the flowers for pumpkins or gourds in the fall, and adding a little holly during the holiday season.

transitional piece dining room








B. If you’re one of those people who wants their entire house to embody the season, we highly recommend neutral bedding. Natural woods, iron, or white bedroom suites are ideal for changing out decor due to their neutrality. When accompanied by neutral bedding, like whites, tans, browns, grey, or even navy, you can easily switch out the pillows for each season! What’s easier than that?

transitional bedroom








C. Brown couches may seem dark, but with yellow flowers, light pillows, and warm accessories, this look is perfect for summer and fall. You can easily change the florals to some evergreen and make this look appropriate for the winter months. Never underestimate the transitional value in a brown couch and warm decor!

transitional living room

Game Room Essentials

3-Game-Room-Pub-TableNow a game room isn’t exactly an essential room in the home, but it is the most fun! If you’re making the decision to have a game room, here are a few furniture pieces you absolutely must have.

  1. Pub height table and chairs: There needs to be a place for people to eat and drink while others are playing, and this is the perfect style. It’s fun, practical, and makes you feel like you’re in your favorite bar.
  2. Entertainment Center: A game room also needs a big TV and an entertainment center to house it for when those big games come on. Whether you’re a football, hockey, or movie night fan, you need a space where you can comfortably watch every moment.
  3. Theatre Seating: While you’re at it, you might as well have theater seating so everyone can relax comfortably.
  4. No game room is complete without a game- pool, poker, arcades, basketball or what have you – so decide what works best with you. Combinations of all also work.

Sun Room Essentials

orange-chairs-today-i-am-currently-coveting-this-amazing-orange-chairSummer is the perfect time to enjoy a sun room, especially when it is too hot to truly enjoy the outdoors. There are some key furniture pieces every sunroom must have, though.


  1. A brightly colored comfortable chair: A bright chair is a great focal piece for a sunroom, but make sure it’s comfy enough to sit in and read a book or just relax. Some great colors are orange, yellow, green, or blue, but let your imagination run wild.
  2. A plant: This is a great area to go plant crazy. If you don’t have a green thumb, fake trees and plants look quite realistic these days and will help bring the feel of the outdoors inside.
  3. A side table: Make sure that beautiful chair has a side table so you have a place to sit that refreshing drink. This space should feel like your own oasis, so make sure it has the necessities.
  4. A fun rug: A rug is another great way to bring in bright colors or outdoorsy elements. You can even put an outdoor type rug in this room.

Furniture Staples for Each Style

Have you ever noticed while watching HGTV each designer has a very distinct style, but even more so, they have their staple furniture pieces. This month, we’re detailing the must have pieces for each home design style. Which fits your home best? (PS You can shop the pictures!)

  1. Industrial: Metal Bar Cart

Bar carts are becoming a household staple, even if they don’t serve as a bar. They are great for decorating purposes and can hold anything from wine, to books, to momentous. Plus, doesn’t this rustic wood and black metal scream the industrial style?








2. Country Cottage: White Wooden Bed

White + Wood + Panelling = Country Cottage. It’s the kind of homey, clean feel you get at an adorable bed and breakfast.

products-elements_international-color-spencer sp700_sp750qb-b1








3. Traditional: The Regal Desk

What’s more traditional looking than a stately desk? This is the kind of desk that renders greatness and needs a library of classical books to accompany it.

products-acme_furniture-color-vendome - 433352010_92125-b0








4. Farmhouse/Country Chic: The Farmhouse Table

Joanna Gaines popularized this large rustic table that can be paired with chairs or even a long bench. It is great for large families and more casual settings.


How to Find Inspiration

house inspirationDesigning a new room, or even an entire space, can be difficult, which is why inspiration is necessary to determine a vision and direction for any interior space. Inspiration can come from anything you find beautiful or meaningful, whether it is the outdoors, a painting, or a texture like velvet. We put together a few strategies to find your inspiration and begin the journey of designing your dream space:

  1. Start with what you love. Do you love hiking, the beach, the smooth feel of velvet, the rich nature of red hues? Start here and run wild. Your home doesn’t have to look like a forest because you decide you love hiking, but perhaps incorporate greenery, rich woods, and neutral colors. If you like velvet, find complement textures like smooth shiny metals and pale pinks for a feminine, romantic feel.
  2. Pinterest is a great place to get lost in ideas of others. Also any household magazines will have plenty inspiration.
  3. If you have an item you love, such as a pillow, rug, or throw, you can select items with corresponding colors, textures and pieces. One piece can build a room.
  4. Thinking about practicality is another great way to begin. If you have dogs and they are central to your family, your mudroom entrance could be inspired by them with hooks for leashes and keys, an outdoor mat featuring your favorite breed, and paintings of your dogs. If you love coffee, make a coffee bar and include a metal sign that resembles the aesthetic of your favorite coffee shop. Notice what you love, both hobbies and passions.